For over a century Le Mars Schools have injected the life and spirit of our community and children into an ever changing world. And we have made a remarkable difference.

Le Mars a special place to

lay the foundation for life.

It is our desire to continue in this purpose maintain and expand it. The challenges are many. Nonetheless, we believe in our way of life. The purpose of our whole community has mightily impacted the individuals we have educated. And, our record proves it!

Educational excellence, built on a way of life

It is said, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” A community that offers opportunity based upon its values has the potential to create good fruit. Le Mars Community Schools has had the privilege of impacting students who have contributed to their families, communities, nation and world for over a century. The breadth of our school and community’s achievement is remarkable: Ambassadors to world renowned doctors, leading research scientists, engineers, military leaders, educators, musicians, leaders in agriculture, moms and dads. There must be something special about this place we call “Le Mars.” Our lives are as enriched as the soil. May we celebrate it, perpetuate it and resolve not to lose it.

If you grew up and were educated in Le Mars,

Iowa, the environment and educational

opportunity gave you a leg up on 95% of the

world. Here is an opportunity to help others run

the race.

The Trumpeter in Le Mars, Iowa Foster Park
We have a lot to blow our horn about. Le Mars’ alumni have set standards and provided leadership in every area of life.
Le Mars, Iowa School Marching Band Homecoming Parade
Across the board, from academic, arts, drama and athletics, Le Mars Community School has offered opportunities for our children’s mental, social and physical growth.
Graduates Le Mars Community School
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Distinguished educator and

alumnus Jim Lorenzen shares

the importance of community

partnership in achieving

educational excellence.

Le Mars Community School District Foundation
Le Mars Community Schools have always been about the meeting of minds, strengthening of hearts and providing a foundation for lives to grow and thrive. We desire to connect or, if needed, reconnect with people who are reflective about the life-changing opportunity provided by our school and community. We are open to your concerns about the educational challenges we face and desire to make a difference in our educators’ ability to reach our children and address these challenges. You may have been a part of our past. Now we need you for our future.
Meet the Foundation. Call on us to answer your questions and fulfill your desire to support Le Mars Community Schools
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Le Mars Community School

Education Foundation

District Headquarters 940 Lincoln St Sw, Le Mars Le Mars Iowa 51031 tel: 1.712.546.4155 email: Foundation Information LCSD Website Foundation Website Le Mars Alumni Association

Meet the Foundation

Dr. Tom Bjorge, Pat Murphy, Larry Petersen, Scott Kommes, Carolyn Vance, Kent Pauling, Allie Freking, Steve Wick, Terri Martin, Todd Lancaster, Kay Michaelson, Dr. Steve Webner - Superintendent, Debra Ahlers, Denise Anthony, Dr. Greg Jeneary, Glendon Peterson, Don Lake. Not pictured: Dennis Bixenman, Steve Collins, Kelsey Langel, Joe Sitzmann, Eddie Webb

You can become an important factor in continuing the

Le Mars tradition. Join us on the front line of

impacting our children’s lives.

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You can help expand the potential of the Le Mars Community School District
Direct Gifts to the Foundation are welcome at any time and are immediately invested to build the educational strength of the Le Mars Community School District.
Graduate Le Mars, Iowa Community Schools
Scholarship GiftsScholarships are awarded each year through the Foundation. Consider the possibility of a named scholarship based upon criteria you help develop.
Wills and Estates — The Foundation has been the beneficiary of estate gifts. For those looking to make a powerful impact on the mission of the Le Mars Community School, consider a legacy gift. Please contact a member of the Foundation or the Superintendent’s office for more information.
Classroom Le Mars Community School
Special Projects — We’re always challenged by changes in technology and social changes that impact the ability of our school to be relevant in a rapidly changing world. Contact the superintendent about ongoing projects and needs.

The Le Mars Community School District Foundation is a fully

qualified 501(c3) entity as designated by the IRS. Your gifts are

eligible for the fullest deductions according to tax laws for

charitable, estate and capital gains purposes. Explore the

possibilities with the Foundation and your tax advisor.

Create a legacy and provide moral support We are pleased to commemorate and/or memorialize gifts and scholarships provided to the Foundation. The added testament of a named gift inspires and encourages others to be thankful for your support and inspires them to consider their support to the life building mission of the Le Mars Community School District Foundation. Contact the Foundation for needs and opportunities.
Le Mars, Iowa Senior High Bulding Click here to directly contact the Foundation for information.
Our Activities: Celebrating, perpetuating

Alumni of the Year

In 2013, the Foundation and Le Mars Alumni Association began recognizing the “Distinguished Alumni of the Year”. The first recipient was Norman Barker ‘39. The 2014 award was presented to Glada Reichert Koerselman ‘47 and Dr. Paul Summerside ‘76. We welcome your nominations for this award. Contact the Alumni Association or Foundation for more information.

Crystal Bell — Decades of

Excellence Teacher of

the Year

Each year the Foundation and Alumni Association recognize the Teacher of the Year by providing a $500 personal gift and a $500 monetary award for classroom improvement. The recipient for 2014 is Mary Kay Benton.
Norman Barker Alumni of the Year Le Mars, Iowa

Annual Banquet

Each spring the Foundation recognizes teachers, staff, students, and alumni who exemplify the spirit and achievement of our educational mission. You are invited to attend. Contact the superintendent’s office for more information.


The Foundation recognizes student achievement by facilitating the award of over one hundred scholarships annually. This year, over $55,000 was awarded. In total, over $692,000 has been invested in Le Mars students.
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Alan Marty ‘74 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

Alumnus of the Year

Dr. Thomas Starzl, MD, Ph.D., (1944) is this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Wendell Downing (1948) chose to nominate him because of his medical breakthroughs in transplant work as well as other medical research. A special project by student Sarah Meis chronicled the path of Dr. Starzl’s work.
Dr. Thomas Starzl ’44, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Wendell Downing ‘48, Sarah Meis LCSD 7th grade Student and her parents Dr. Steve ‘78 and Dr. Jolene Meis.